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. Take a look at your DVDs. Who or what do they remind you of?

Chappelle's Show Seasons 1 & 2- Matt and I cracking up and singing along with "I Wanna Pee On You"  and Matt's realization that he works for Popcopy.
Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1, 2, and 3 - Again Matt and I and him calling me the female Larry David.
Freaks and Geeks- My high school years, kind of.
13 Going on 30- Matt, because Jennifer Garner calls Mark Ruffalo Matty.
Amelie- Chris, it was the first movie we saw together. 
Anchorman- My uncle Charlie, I don't know why I think it is because he and my dad have a sense of humor that is eerily similar to this movie.
Beauty and the Beast-  Two things, my first grade teacher, AJ, because I though she and Belle were the same person, and my mom kidnapping me and my sisters and taking us to see this movie when it first came out in theaters.
Big Fish- My grandpa, and my dad.   When we were little and camping over the summers my dad would tell us girls the story of Cowboy Bob and Sailor Jim.  They always had adventures wherever we were camped.
Blazing Saddles- My uncle Don.  He would tell me stories of my great uncle who was a rodeo champion and a rancher, they weren't always funny stories but the majority of the stories were.
Braveheart- Julie, she was obsessed with it when we were younger.  I finally saw it when it was playing at Valley Art, with Julie.
Caddyshack- H.Viddy.  We are the modern day caddies.
Chocolate- I always wanted to be a drifter of sorts.  Become an enigma and travel throughout the world with no real home.
Dave- Matt, he is the first person who not only has heard of this movie but owns it as well.  It's how I know we were meant for each other.
Dodgeball- Mr. Epstein, he is White Goodman, he was my 6th grade gym teacher who was about 5'1'' and had one of the worst Napoleon complexes I've ever seen.
Easy Rider- Hannah, I first saw it with her, and my dad, he owned a low rider and cruised around the country.
Ever After- Middle School.  I was obsessed with this movie when it came out.  I still am.
Gone With the Wind- My mom.  It's her favorite book, and my AP US History class.  Sister Nancy played the movie after our AP test and we didn't have enough time to finish it.
Hero- Wo shi shuo Zhongwen ye na wo shi conming. Haha.
Hook- My childhood.   I watch this movie nearly every day.
I Heart Huckabees- How much I hate it when indie movies become mainstream.  DAMN YOU NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and that piece of shit GARDEN STATE!!!
Igby Goes Down- Sadly, that I think people who revel in their depression are weak, and that I loath weakness in both myself and others. (I know I shouldn't think that way...)
Life Aquatic- Being an ass is cool. (also see above)
The Little Mermaid- I always asked my mom if I could grow up to be a mermaid someday.  She always told me, "you can be anything you want to be Katie."
National Treasure- Some movies can be so nonsensical, stupid and inane they transcend shittiness and are great.  This and Alien V. Predator are two good examples. (Ps, I only bought this copy because it cost me two dollars)
Never Been Kissed- Me in Junior High.  I was a huge geek.  I was on the cusp of it being cool to be smart, when my sisters were in middle school you were cool if you were in advanced math.  The kids in my grade didn't think so.
The Philadelphia Story- Matt and I.
The Princess Bride- Chris and I, it was our movie, that and the Graduate.
The Quiet Man- My grandpa 100%.  I still cry when I see this move, it hits way too close to home even though it's been over 6 years since he died.
The Royal Tennenbaums- That I never want to be rich.
Say Anything- My sister Mary, she is the real life Diane Court
The Secret of NIMH- how some childhood movies should stay in your childhood simply because as you grow up you realize they make no sense what so ever.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers- My mom and Neighbor Sandy singing along to this movie as we watched it.
Sideways- My Cousin/friend of the family/ whatever he is Allen.  His cynical look on life destroyed him.
Sleeping Beauty- Every one of my knight in shining armor dreams.
When Harry Met Sally- Love and the Christian Vocation class Senior year at Xavier and Ms. Ertl swooning over this movie.
Woman of the Year- Matt, he bought it for me.
Zoolander- Again my Uncle Charlie because he surprised me by loving this movie almost more than I do.  (he can quote it better than me as well).
The Complete James Bond Collection (if I did every title this thing would go on way to long) - James Bond is the shit.

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