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It's nearly 2am. Matt and I are pulling an all nighter. Well technically Matt is the one with the work, I'm the moral support.

I worked two hours today.  It's easy shifts such as the one today that remind me why I truly love my job. 

Apparently my friend Trina's kid is the bully in school.  She punched a girl in the face who pulled her pigtails.  It reminds me of back in the day when I used to kick boys in the shins for no reason.  And whne I was in Kindergarten and bragged to my parents about hitting a mean fifth grader while swinging on the swings.  And no, not the modern day swing,  I'm talking the metal beast from way back when. 

I actually can't find any image of them online, maybe one of you can.  They were big metal swings that you sat in, it had a metal bar across the back and front holding you in and another metal bar that broke into two handle bars that you pushed and pulled to swing yourself.

I just asked Matt how to describe those swings so I could do a google image search, his reply, "I don't know, air trolley"

Back to work I suppose.

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